Date Night Magenta Glitter Black Acrylic SheetGalactic Blue Acrylic SheetGalactic Pink Acrylic SheetBlack Glitter Acrylic Sheet with Neon Purple and Green Swirl Plexiglass for Laser MachineGalactic Green Acrylic Sheet

Your Laser just got excited!

Cosmic Bowling Laser Acrylic Sheet Collection

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    Cosmic Bowling Laser Acrylic Sheet Collection

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    All of them are so pretty and love that the came with cut instructions.

    Lauren R.

    Milford, NY


    This sheet of acrylic was even nicer than I’d hoped. I’m using it for a church birdhouse. The glow is gorgeous! Beautiful during the day too, the very subtle glitter makes a lovely, “starry sky” effect. The Glowforge settings were spot on, too!

    Sarah C.

    Scott Depot, WV


    Comes masked, cuts great! Loving the product.

    Joshlin M.

    Las Vegas, NM


    Wonderful acrylic. Arrived fast. Definitely will reorder.

    Ella C.

    Captain Hook, HI


    The glitter in this sheet is amazing, never disappoints

    Jamie H.

    Waxhaw, NC