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Malibu Sands Acrylic Sheet Teal Blue Aqua White Marble Swirl Laser Ready Plexiglass

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Teal Blue Aqua White Marble Swirl Acrylic Sheet

Introducing the Malibu Sands Teal Blue Aqua White Marble Swirl Acrylic Sheet. Made with high-quality acrylic material, this sheet is perfect for laser cutting machines. Its unique marble swirl design in shades of white, green, teal blue, and aqua adds a touch of elegance to any project.

The Best Acrylic Sheets for your Laser Cutting Machine

AcrylicMeThat is proud to present to you our Malibu Sands Marble Acrylic Sheet from our California Love Acrylic Design Collection. This acrylic sheet is a luscious swirl of tropical aqua blues and green teals on a milky white acrylic base. Go ahead, let your mind drift away to laying on the warm beach with a delicious icy pina colada in your hand.

Custom Made Cast Acrylic Sheeting

Our colored cast acrylics are custom made, making each sheet wildly unique. No two sheets are a-like. Go ahead, be incredibly creative with this amazing collection, after all, you are a Craft Genius!!

Acrylic Sheet Masking for Laser Cutting and Engraving

All our sheets are sent to you masked on both sides and ready to be cut or engraved with your laser cutter or cnc machine. 

Acrylic Sheet Plexiglass Sizes Available for Order

We offer various sizes and even custom sizes. For custom sizes, please contact our team so we can check our stock to accommodate your request.

In Stock Ready to Order Sizes (Custom Sizes Available Upon Request):

4" x 3" -  3.0mm Thickness (.118”) *

6" x 4" -  3.0mm Thickness (.118”) *

11" x 5" -  3.0mm Thickness (.118”) *

11" x 9.5" -  3.0mm Thickness (.118”) *

19.5" x 11" (Glowforge Size)  -  3.0mm Thickness (.118”) *

Acrylic Sheeting Options Available for Glowforge Owners

If you have a pass through Glow forge and need a longer size, no problem! Please contact our team and we will be happy to check our stock to ensure we can accommodate your request. 

Please check out our other acrylic sheet collections and acrylic plexiglass board styles including gold mirror, silver iridescent, tinted, smokey, pink, white and black acrylics. We also sell our acrylic sheets in acrylic discount packs so you can try all our beautiful styles.

Glowforge Laser Machine Ready and Safe*. Cut and Tested on our Glowforge, for your Glowforge! We pride ourselves in providing our clients with acrylic sheets that can withstand the highest laser safety standards on the market.

Say "Hello" to your new FAVORITE Acrylic!

All of our orders are securly wrapped in bubble wrap, then boxed. We know how disappointing it is to received a damaged item, so we take the utmost care when wrapping your goodies. If your items are damaged through transit, please reach out to us ASAP by text/call at (619) 820-2454 or at CraftGenius@AcrylicMeThat.com

All orders are packed with a complimentary sample bag of our treasured AcrylicMeThat hearts. We hope you feel the love when you receive them.

* Please note that our beautiful acrylic sheets are manually produced, therefore, no two sheets are alike, making every sheet unique in its own pattern. In addition, some sheets may vary ever so slightly on thickness. For instance, our Unicorn Candy Acrylic Collection Acrylic Sheets may vary between 3.7mm to 4.2mm thick. Since cast acrylic is produced manually, very slight variations are common. Also, please note that our Unicorn Candy Acrylic Sheets may have a very slight curve on our larger cut sizes. This is VERY NORMAL due to the condensed nature of the confetti as the acrylic cures during production. Once the Unicorn Candy Acrylic is cut into design, or smaller sections, the confetti relaxes and the acrylic lays flush. Through testing, we have not experienced any issues with our laser machines cutting inaccurately with the Unicorn Candy Sheet, however, if you are at all concerned, we would be more than happy to cut down your larger Unicorn Candy Sheets to smaller sections prior to shipping. Please add your personal request in the notes section upon checkout. 

*Acrylics sold by AcrylicMeThat are not products of Glowforge. Glowforge is recognized as having the highest safety protocols for consumer laser safety standards, therefore, to ensure we offer a good viable working material for our clients, we test cut all our acrylic styles in our Glowforge Pro to ensure the acrylic sheets cut smoothly, perform well and safely prior to us making the product available for our clients to purchase. 

*Prior to purchasing, please check your laser’s color spectrum on its ability to cut certain colors. Some smaller hobbyist laser models are equipped with Diode lasers which can only cut dark solid colored acrylics. In instances such as these, if you purchase any of our acrylics and later find that your laser does not have the capability to cut clear or lighter colors, we are more than happy to swap any of your uncut acrylic sheets for our available darker styles, so long as you cover the return shipping cost and shipping cost for us to send you the new sheets. 

Here at AcrylicMeThat, we want you to have an incredibly fun experience with acrylic design and art. You can reach out to us anytime by phone or text at (619) 820-2454

Don't take our word for it...


I used the Unicorn Candy today and LOVE it! The final etching and cut was beyond my expectations! Can’t wait to get to the other sheets in my shipment.

Susan H.

Thomas, WV


Packaged very well and exceeded expectations! Thank you!

Sharell W.

Orcutt, CA


Love the quality of all of these acrylics! Can't believe how beautiful the Mermaid Splash is, and how rich of an orange the Manhattan is. So amazing😍


Fullerton, CA


Looks amazing. Cut perfectly.

Nancy G.

Belvidere, IL


I made mermaid tail cupcake toppers for my nieces 6th birthday and they are so cute. Love this acrylic.

Roger and Heather

Exeter, CA


Amazing product and exceptional customer service! I am so impressed with this shop!

Kimberly A.

Kingston, MA


Fabulous merchandise and service. Plus the cheerful packaging just makes me happy!😀

Kelly D.

Hampton, SC